UNIFIBER 2022 Bend Curves

We carefully analysed the largest sail brands, which represent approx. 80% of the market.

Based on our findings we developed new bend curves that offer the best possible match for these brands. We also compared these new curves with the data we have on all the other brands and this analysis is the basis of our new


  • Constant Curve- This is the most commonly used curve profile Base%: 62,5% Top%: 76% BC number: 13,5
  • Constant FL Curve- This is similar to the old "flex top" mast, but with more flex low down (around the centre) of the mast. FL = Flex Low. Base%: 62% Top%: 77% BC number: 15
  • Constant FH Curve- This is also similar to the old "flex top" mast, but there is more flex high up. The centre section is relatively stiff. FH = Flex High. Base%: 64% for RDM, 63% for SDM Top%: 79% for RDM, 78% for SDM BC number: 15

Mast Selector 2022 V5

The differences between the brands has become smaller and smaller over the years. Almost all brands are now within the Constant Curve range. Unifiber saw the opportunity to develop new, specialised bend curves that fit the major brands perfectly. Intense research resulted in three curves: Constant Curve, Constant FL Curve, Constant FH Curve.

As a dedicated mast brand, we’re the only producer to offer a stunning 82 different models.

Use the diagram below to see which Unifiber mast is the best choice for your sails. You have on top the year of the sail so that you can see the more suited mast curve.