Brunotti Youri Pro 2020 Kiteboard

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Brunotti Youri Pro 2020 Kiteboard


The Youri Pro 2020 from Brunotti is a perfect freestyle board.

If you know Youri Zoon you have probably seen his awesome tricks. If you also want to do such tricks, this is the perfect board for you. The board is designed to get the most out of your freestyle tricks.

The board has a CNC wooden core, which gives the board its properties. The board also has carbon fibers. This makes the board stronger and stiffer. This gives you more control and a better pop.

The board is available in two sizes: 136 x 41 and 140 x 42. The Splitter fins are included with each board.



  • CNC wooden core
  • Perfect controle
  • High performance
  • Good pop

    • Splitter Twintip Fins
    • Screws Set


    Youri Pro 2020 Brunotti Kiteboard