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The Swell is a high-performance waveride kite with incredible capacities. The light bar pressure allows you to feel free and focus on riding waves. This kite flies very quickly through the wind window and drifts like no other. The Swell not only performs well with freeriding and foiling but also beginners love the fact that the Swell just flips over and relaunches really easy. Make the ocean your playground with the new Swell. A perfect blend of ease of use and stability make the Swell a great partner to learn kitesurfing and to progress in any way possible. Fly the Swell with the PLKB Navigator bar for its best performance. Use the PLKB Commander bar for school purposes.



  • Precise And Responsive: Quick through the turns, it can be positioned exactly where you need it when shredding waves or loading up for a jump.
  • Designed For Maximum Stability And Slack Line Drift, Even When Depowered: The kite's perfect weight distribution and balance give the Swell the stability it needs to drift when the lines go slack on the wave or during a trick, giving you time to focus on your riding instead of worrying about the kite.
  • Exceptional Wind Range: Thanks to great low end power, without sacrificing any of the top end, you will be able to get going earlier and stay out longer.
  • Light And Responsive Bar Pressure: The bar feels truly connected to the kite making it the perfect link between yourself, kite, wind and waves.

Tech Specs:

  • 3-Strut hybrid SLE
  • 3 point bridle
  • Double stitched multi segment Leading Edge
  • Kook Proof
  • Fit all valve
  • Multiple Tip settings
  • Trailing edge reinforcements
  • !NEW! Triflow

Sizes: 5m | 6m | 7m | 8m | 9m | 11m | 13m | 15m