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Goya Bolt

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Bolt Carbon Freerace 2016

The rocker has an almost continuous flat section from the tail to behind the mast, with the lightest release of the tail for unlimited speed and acceleration. The concave deck drives the rig power lower and forward on the water adding speed and control to your ride. Tail cutouts bring flotation to the lower speeds, out of the jibes and they reduce the wetted area on the straighter faster lanes. For the construction we
set out to create a Freerace board with only the very best composites applied, Racing composites and Full Carbon construction, bringing the ultimate speed sensation, a sensation that up until now, only racers could experience.


Our goal was to make a board that gets up and planning on the lightest breeze and directly accelerates throughout the gusts, allowing you to comfortably ride on or off the fin with control, while still being able to lean into a carve and get projected out of the jibes. We felt this was the least you could expect from our Freerace board. In a few words, these are the fastest and more comfortable raceboards I have ever ridden.


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