Nah Skwell SCOW MK2

€1,999.00 EUR
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The board famous to revolutionize the SUP Race.
The Scow Mk2 is its last evolution. Available in 12’6 and 14. With his thinner hull, she’s more stable, performante, with a perfect glide, ideal for the rider to keep his speed and be stable when it starts to surf in downwind conditions or during beach races. The clean glide it provides allows the rider to stay focused on his stroke.
A progressive rocker with a kicked-up tail for tight turns and quick re-launch.
Its faculty of acceleration and its waterline makes it the ultimate board to win.

Shape :

Outline et étrave de type “scow”, stable au comportement sain dans toutes les situations.
Hull: convex forward with a tight V towards the tail.
Rails: Soft and tucked-in forward, then progressively more marked on the tail.

Construction : CPF Carbone.