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A new revolutionary concept developed in partnership with Yann Lejeune, specialist in fitness and competition training. While practicing Stand Up Paddle, Yann realized that many fitness-training exercises could be done on a paddleboard while improving the quality of your workout. Elastic bands can be fastened on the five anchor points on each side of the board and give a diversity of movements of tractions, flexion and extension for the entire body. As the body adapts to balance on a moving platform, it is forced not to favor one side of the body against the other (as one would naturally do on land) and results in a low-impact yet intense full workout of all peripheral muscular groups. Paddling in between each set of exercise is recommended to relax the muscles and optimize your session.
SUP training is an ideal companion for your fitness training on the small lake behind your house to the beach or the marsh. Any accessible water pool can become a fun workout.


Hull: Flat toward the nose, then single concave towards the back for more stability. A good kick up on the tail keeps the board lively. It is a surprisingly good surfing board on small waves.
Outline: Square front, tight lines, large squared tail.
Rails: soft, tucked in in the front, progressively marked towards the tail.

Available models : 9’6 Training or 11′ Fit Training.
Couleurs disponibles : Pink ou Blue.


Model                  Width      Thickness     Volume      Weight     Construction    Fins
Fit 11’ (335cm)     30" 3/4      5" 1/3           220L         12,3         OSSE            Single 27 cm US
Fit 12' (365cm)     30" 1/2        5" 1/2         230L          13            OSSE            Single 27 cm US

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