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Simply radical surf and only that. No concessions have been made while developing those shapes. Those boards are made for expert smaller sized riders.

On the 7’4, 7’7, 7’11 and 8’2, the volume has been reduced to a minimum. The rails are sharp: Enter the world of explosive and radical surf! Snaps, floaters, airs, all modern surfing maneuvers are possible. They are ultimate weapons for scoring in competition or free surfing.

The Gun 9’9 was conceived for surfing in strong conditions. It is relatively stable and easy to paddle giving you a feeling of safety in more difficult situations. It has a clean curve on the full length of the rail. The thin tail allows short turns when necessary. An exhilarating platform!


Custom Pro Finish construction brings lightness, reactivity and strength with a unique short board surf feel.
Set up with FCS thrusters and boosted by a double concave ending in a V, the floaters are quick and responsive.

Construction : CPF or CPF Carbone.Model Width Thickness volume Lts Weight Kgs Construction Fins
Surf HV 7’4" (223cm) 26" 3" 1/2 76 5,0 CPF Thruster PC5
Surf HV 7'7" (231cm) 27" 3" 1/2 83 5,3 CPF Thruster PC5
Surf HV 7’11" (241cm) 27" 1/3 3" 2/3 91 5,6 CPF Thruster PC5
Surf HV 8’2" (249cm) 28" 3" 1/2 91 5,8 CPF Thruster PC5
Surf HV 9'9" (297cm) 28" 3/4 4" 120 9,5 CPF Tri 16 + 9cm

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