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About our Booms

In both our Aluminium and Carbon ranges, Unifiber’s developed 2 unique and high-performance bend curves for ultimate comfort and stiffness. Choose from either C-Shaped models for an ergonomic advantage and use with modern rigs that prefer the front hand nearer the mast and power source, or a more traditional and versatile Standard Curve.

Our Standard curve’s a fraction wider than most wave-specific booms and slightly narrower than many slalom or race lines to match the widest range of sails on the market.

We also focused on grip diameter for smaller hands and use in strong winds by offering a mix of Reduced Diameter grip (RDG) and Standard Diameter Grip (SDG) options for longer, funner sessions and so that you always benefit from the best mix of comfort and boom stiffness.

On all booms you’ll find double pin locks for rock-solid fastening of the adjustable back-end, premium nylon used on all external plastic parts, and robust multi-pulley blocks on tail sections for easy fine-tuning on-the-fly.

We also added handy EVA graphical increments to help mark your favourite harness line positions and placements.

All Unifiber Carbon and Aluminium Monocoque booms fit both Standard Diameter (SDM) Masts and come with a shim to match Reduced Diameter (RDM) styles*

*For the best results we still recommend using a head adaptor on RDMs.


Aluminium HD MONO Booms - All-in-One Super Stiff Shells

These rugged Aluminium beauties offer superb price to quality. Available in either 28mm Standard Diameter Grip (SDG) or comfy 26mm Reduced Diameter Grip (RDG) versions, their smooth-gliding, slick double-pin adjustment, and quality Nylon forged head and tail sections purr absolute quality and comfort. With precision engineered bend curves for maximum strength against deflection and distortion, they shift Aluminum booms into an all-new category to rival all but our ultimate spec Carbon booms for resilience.  Choose from either C-Shape in RDG in 140-190 and 160-210 for high wind and easy-on-your-forearms wave use, or chunkier SDG in the 180-230 and 200-250 versions.


Monocoque Carbon Booms – Single Shell Stiffness

Carbon is the only choice for guaranteeing a performance sail’s profile shape is held as positively as the designer intended. Our single shell exterior construction gives stiffness and protection from both stress and impact. 

In all but the largest sizes, there’s an emphasis on the modern C-Shape optimum stiffness curve that is ergonomically efficient while matching contemporary sail design advances. For smaller hands and comfort handling higher forces in strong winds, the 140-190 and 160-220 are specified in RDG. The 160-220 is also available in SDG along with the largest (180-240) C-Shape style, both with wider tails for Freerace and Slalom rig efficiency, as is the 200-250 Regular Curve. We’ve also included an extra wide Formula Tail on the monster 250-300 Regular Curve model.

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