Unifiber Monofilm Sail "Rookie" EVO Complete Rig

€209.00 EUR
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Sail Size

We challenge you to find durable learner rigs of higher quality or such attractive price. Compact and easy-to-uphaul, we’ve given them a friendly, neutral feeling – even in the smallest sizes. Choose from either Dacron’s long lasting quality or the crisp-feel of Monofilm with superb visibility. All models come with rugged component parts and are sure to still be in top condition once you’re shredding on advanced gear and fancy passing the stoke on to friends.

Our monofilm kids’ rig. Light and fun so even the smallest windsurfers can enjoy the sport. Set comes complete with sail, aluminium mast, aluminium boom, cup, uphaul, rope set and bag. Available sizes: 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5