Cabrinha Contra 3S Kite 2022

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Cabrinha Contra 3S Kite 2022

Lightwind twintip session saver from Cabrinha

The Cabrinha Contra 3S 2022 is the kite that lets you cruise peacefully with minimal wind. A perfect kite for kitesurfing in low wind conditions on your twin tip. More kitesurfing sessions per year guaranteed!

The Cabrinha Contra 3S is made of a lightweight 3 strut construction, hence the name 3S. Because the Contra 3S has a three strut profile, the kite also performs well when the wind increases slightly. In addition, the entire design is optimized for light weather kite surfers. The Contra 3S 2022 has a super low-drag design, which makes the Contra very effectively converting minimal wind into speed. Making sure you can go easily ride up and downwind on your twintip. Because you will sometimes send your kite into the water even with little wind, the Contra 3S 2022 has extra rounded wing tips, which creates as little drag as possible at the tips of the kite during restart making a relaunch effortlessly.

The lightweight construction of the Cabrinha Contra 3S consists of nano ripstop canopy with sturdy dacron struts and leading edge. Due to a Pure Panel layout, the Contra 3S is super aerodynamic, making the kite very stable in the air. The Cabrinha Contra 3S is available in three different sizes 13, 15 and 17 square meters. A light bar pressure ensures that the large Contra 3S 2022 kite does not feel super heavy on the bar. We recommend using the largest Cabrinha bar on the Cabrinha Contra 3S 2022 kites.

Want to get the most out of your Contra 3S? Be sure to add a lightwind twintip kiteboard to your light weather set such as the Stylus. This ensures even more lows and even more kitesurfing sessions!


  • Lightwind Twintip
  • 3 Strut design
  • Low V split
  • Nano Ripstop canopy
  • Pure Panel layout
  • Easy relaunch
  • Light bar pressure