Cabrinha FX2 Kite 2022

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Cabrinha FX2 Kite 2022

Completely renewed big air freestyle kite from Cabrinha

One look at the new FX2 2022 kite and it is immediately clear: this kite has really changed! With this new design, the Cabrinha FX2 competes with other big air and kiteloop kites on the market. The FX2 pulls super smooth kiteloops and has more big air than ever before. With its pulley-less bridles, the FX2 feels super direct and you always know where the Cabrinha FX2 is in the wind window. And that's not all, to stay true to its old freestyle character, the new FX2 has the option of a 6-line upgrade (sold separately). The 6-line setup unleashes the freestyle monster of the FX2. Huge pop, lots of slack and more speed. This is how you become a freestyle and big air champ: with the FX2!

The biggest change of the new FX2 2022, which immediately catches the eye, is the redesigned wingtip. Compared to the old FX, the wing tips are more rounded, so less angular. This new shape gives the FX2 more hangtime and a slightly friendlier character: kiteloops are smoother and the lift with hangtime is increased. Another benefit of the rounded wingtips is an easier relaunch from the water. All these upgrades provide the FX2 with what a lot of kitesurfers are demanding: big air and kiteloops.

But as mentioned before, the Cabrinha FX2 2022 remains the freestyle kite for the Cabrinha freestyle kitesurf team. The ability to fly a 6-line setup on the FX2 provides unprecedented freestyle performance. With the 6-line function, the FX2 feels more like a C kite. That's because the bridle split is, as it were, lower and the FX2 is a little more inward. Gigantic pop and mega slack are possible when you ride the FX2 with 6 line setup. Handlepasses, S-bends and more are up for grabs! The 6-line setup is not supplied as standard, but is available as a spare part.

The Cabrinha FX2 is made of a super strong construction to last for years. The canopy of the FX2 is made of Nano Ripstop with coating. Nano Ripstop is stiffer and more durable than normal double ripstop cloth, which ensures an extra stable kite. So that you dare to kiteloop the FX2 at height with confidence! During all those kiteloops you will probably crash now and then, and your FX2 will probably too. That is why the FX2 is reinforced with Kevlar patches in places that more likely to wear out fast.

All in all, the completely renewed Cabrinha FX2 is an ideal kite for the (slightly) advanced kite surfer who is looking for big air, freestyle and kiteloop performance!


  • Big Air | Kiteloop | Freestyle
  • 3 struts
  • New design
  • Improved big air
  • Controlled kiteloops
  • Nano Ripstop Canopy
  • Direct steering feel
  • Super smooth
  • 6 line setup (optional)
  • Explosive pop