Unifiber Boardbag Pro Luxury Foil

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Unifiber Boardbag Pro Luxury Foil

The best-selling Boarbag Luxury is now tailored for windfoil and wingfoil boards.

A unique fin slot construction allows you to put the board into the boardbag with the foil still attached.

The zipper-closed pocket is featured to store your screws and tools so that you always have them at the ready.

Like the rest of the Pro Luxury range, Pro Foil boardbags are made from tarpaulin with a strong WRP (Water-Repellent Polyester) fabric topside and dotted PVC nose and tail pads for the best protection.

  • Because of the position of the zipper, it won't scratch the board when storing the board straight-up
  • The fin slot splits the back-end in two, making it possible to put the board inside the boardbag with the foil still attached
  • Despite white surface area, it's easy to keep the boardbag cleanAdditional carry handle is convenient when you need to carry wider boards
  • Thick padding and strong outer layer protect your board well