Cabrinha Contra 1S Kite 2022

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Cabrinha Contra 1S Kite 2022


The ultimate light weather kite from Cabrinha

The Cabrinha Contra 1S 2022 is one of the best light weather kites for freeriding. Are you thinking of increasing your kitequiver with a light weather kite that will help you on your way in the lightest conditions and perhaps triple your number of sessions? The Contra 1S 2022 is the ultimate light weather kite! Thanks to the single strut design, the Contra 1S is light and manoeuvrable, so you can always use the smaller sizes and experience the true foil feeling. The good drift properties ensure that you can fly the kite in previously unreachable angles on the foil for good upwind performance. The tension on the rear steering line increases the steering impulse so that you can control the kite even with a fully depowered bar. Whether you're sailing a twintip or foil, the great features of the Contra 1S will undoubtedly provide the best light weather sessions!

The Cabrinha Contra 1S 2022 gives you the confidence to try the latest tricks, knowing you don't have to swim back. Thanks to the effortless relaunch, the Contra 1S can be relaunched in the lightest wind. Because the Contra 1S gets optimal control and power, the rider can fully focus on riding, not on the kite. The Contra 1S offers ultimate performance whatever your discipline. Not only to maximize time on the water, but also to make ultimate progression!


  • Cabrinha Contra 1S 2022
  • Sizes 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11m
  • Single Strut
  • Nano Ripstop
  • Effortless relaunch
  • Refined lowend
  • Light wind kite