Reedin Hyper Model

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By Reedin


Reedin Hyper Model

High-performance Aluula all-rounder from Reedin

Reedin is known for its high-performance do-it-all kites, but this year, they're taking performance to the next level with the new Reedin Hyper Model. Thanks to its Aluula frame, the Reedin Hypermodel is the ultimate all-rounder from Reedin. With its fast kiteloops, endless hangtime, and direct responsiveness, this is the ultimate kite for riders seeking the highest possible performance.

The Reedin HTF was already a high-performance kite, but thanks to the new Aluula frame, Reedin was able to develop an even better-performing all-round kite than the HTF. Reedin's talented team redesigned the Hypermodel from the ground up, enhancing overall performance. The Reedin Hypermodel replaces the Flexlight Dacron of the Leading Edge and Struts with lightweight Aluula material and reduces diameters. Making the frame entirely from Aluula makes the kite incredibly lightweight, which we had to check, of course. We compared an 8m HTF to an 8m Hypermodel, and the difference was a whopping 700g! Thanks to its light weight, the kite's low-end performance is improved, making it hover in the lightest breeze!

The Reedin Hypermodel has an unprecedented wide wind range, making it suitable not only for foiling but also for the most extreme big air conditions. The Aluula frame ensures that, despite being a three-strut kite, the kite maintains its shape incredibly well. Even in gusty winds the Hypermodel feels super stable. The Hypermodel flies higher in the wind window, allowing you to not only ride upwind more easily but also jump higher. The Hypermodel boosts you to the moon, and thanks to its stunning lift, the kite keeps you there for as long as possible. Thanks to the pulleyed bridles the pulleys provide a direct feeling when powered. Only when you depower the Dyneema pulleys move, ensuring you always have the perfect kite pressure. Single or maybe even multiple kiteloops? The Hypermodel can handle it. Thanks to its direct responsiveness, the kite responds to every steering input you give, allowing you to practice beginner "small" kiteloops and even go for double or even triple kiteloops! You don't have to worry about the kite not catching you because in a split second, the kite is back above you, and you land smoothly on the water.

Of course, key features used in the HTF have also been incorporated, such as the Triple Ripstop fabric. Triple Ripstop has so much yarn per square meter that the fabric is one of the strongest and stiffest canopies on the market. Different parts of the kite are stitched using a CNC machine that can guarantee the best possible quality. You can adjust the kite's steering lines to customize the bar pressure to your preferences. In short, if you're looking for the highest possible performance for wave, big air, foil, and freeride, then the new Reedin Hypermodel is the ultimate kite for you.

Specifications Reedin Hyper Model Kite

  • Hyperformance all-round kite
  • Big Air | Wave | Freeride | Foil
  • New Aluula 3-strut frame
  • Thinner leading edge and struts
  • Lighter weight
  • Maximum wind range
  • Triple Ripstop
  • Dyneema pulley bridles
  • Easy upwind riding
  • Direct steering input
  • Plenty of hangtime