Goya Banzai Surf Pro Carbon

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Banzai Surf Pro Carbon

Control Surf Wave

Four Batten Maneuver orientated wave sail.

A focus on maximum maneuverability and control in surf and surf like conditions. This all new design has a very neutral feel. You are free to draw your own lines on the wave and surf exactly how you want. Effortless drive and lightness allowing you to sail for hours.

Handling Characteristic: Banzai Surf Pro is a bit more high aspect with a shorter boom compared to Banzai 11 Pro and Banzai Max this combined with the lower

and more centered positioned lift gives you a balanced neutral feel for maximum control and maneuverability. This also makes the sail feel super light in your hands al- lowing you to sail for longer and be in complete control when wave riding. The power never pulls too much or too little but is always there when you need it.

Lift: Centered
Agility: Wave riding Feeling: Light and neutral

Available in 3.4, 3.7, 4.0, 4.2, 4.5, 4.7, 5.0, 5.3 square meters.

IWT and PWA World Cup Approved.

Pro Carbon Construction, Bi-Ply window, Warp Car- bon and Scrim panels.

Available in Blue with Fluo Orange logos.

Pro Carbon Construction:

Every body panel features warp carbon.

Main window panel: 6 mil Bi-PLY from Dimension Poly- ant features two 3 mil layers of PET film. This creates a softer hand, improved flex and reduced creasing. The UV inhibitors in the adhesive significantly increases the life of the product in comparison to traditional monofilm.

Upper window panels: 4 mil high quality Monfofilm from Dimension Polyant.

Upper color body panels: 1.5 mil Ultra low stretch linear Warp Carbon fiber laminate yarns arrayed to control load lines in the sail combined with super strong Technora aramid X-Ply. Warp Carbon gives incredible linear control of the sail profile while also allowing a dynamic, torsional, bias stretch and return. This makes the sails feel very quiet, weightless and very resistant to being overpowered.

Foot, tack and center luff panel: 2 mil Warp Carbon film combined with super strong Technora aramid X-Ply yarns for increased puncture resistance. Warp Carbon is extremely strong and stretch resistant, allowing the sail to hold it’s designed shape for a long long time. Using 2 pass lamination for super strength and uniform UV resistance preventing sunlight from passing through so one side is always in the shade. The 2.0 mil foot Warp Carbon has double the carbon frequency as the

1.5 mil body Warp Carbon.
Double stitching around the main window.
Dacron Leech edge reinforcement.
Folded rear edge on mast sleeve to prevent fraying.

Pro Carbon advantages:

Pro Carbon enhances all that we love about Ban- zai Pro to the next level.

All body panels are 1.5 mil film for emphasis on ultra light weight.

Tack and foot area utilize light weight 2mil film with additional Warp Carbon for added durability and puncture resistance.

Overall improved han- dling.

Improved stability in the mid to high end wind range due to the warp carbon. More reactive and lighter feeling.

Warp Carbon reinforced Technora X-ply for foun- dational profile stability in the shape design of

the sail plus excellent durability.