Goya Custom 4 Pro 22/23- Surfwave Quad

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Goya Custom 4 Pro 2022/2023 - Surfwave Quad

With two years of development to evolve from the previous boards chosen by Marcilio to ride on the PWA tour, we asked ourselves, could the Custom 4 Pro get any better? Yes, and they are now available.

The latest Custom 4 Pro from our world champions Marcilio Browne, Maria Morales, Marino Gil and Francisco Goya. The Custom 4 Pro is the ultimate Pro Model custom wave board, as it is not just the shape but the same off-the-shelf board our team chooses to ride and compete on.

The outline on these new quads grew slightly in the nose and tail areas. Compared to the previous generation, the rail profile has been filled on the nose and thinned towards the tail.

The new rockers were adjusted to balance those changes, incorporating a fast surfing rocker that can still fit into the curve of the wave, whilst maintaining the early planing that will accelerate into any ramp or turn.

Bottom shapes seamlessly transition from panel V below the mast foot for added rail to rail and off the top rebounds, to Double Concave between the stance for a faster slippery bottom shape and then fading into a Single Concave in the tail for the ultimate turns.

Rockers, inserts and constructions are customized to each size, suiting the rider and the conditions that the board will be used on, yet the Custom 4 Pro brings you the most rocker in the Goya Windsurfing board range.

Francisco Goya: What were you looking at getting from this new line? What triggered the design?
Marcilio Browne: I wanted the new boards to perform at their peak on a broader range of conditions. On the low end, each size had to handle a larger sail, feel less on-off, keep the flow at higher speeds and surprised me from being the first getting into a plane to my last turn on the wave, and across all conditions, from on-shore to double mast.

FG: What challenges did you come across along the development?
MB: The biggest challenge for these boards was balancing the outline between something that I could push hard on when the conditions started firing while reaching those great low-end perks. Once we got the outline, Keith started fine-tuning the rails and the volume distribution to bring it all together.

FG: What do you see differently on them?
The front of the board is fuller, giving me the confidence and forgiveness coming into any lip or diving nose-first from a back loop. The back rails are thinner, which allows me to come easily around the corners, even on the fastest bottom turns or for when I’m looking for a ramp at full speed over chop.

FG: What can we expect as we start riding on them?
This new line has an even better range than our previous models. They are more forgiving and only get easier to ride the faster and the bigger the waves get. They give me the confidence to keep accelerating into the move.

FG: How do you size them up with sails?
MB: With these new outlines, I can ride a smaller board with a larger sail, ideal for when the winds start getting lighter tours the end of the day, but the waves are only getting better. They also make me feel light and effortlessly the other way around, with a smaller sail and a larger board; This is my favourite set up for bump and jump, for when I’m looking for ramps but also wanting to maximise each wave and outlast those long summer days.

FG: Why not five boxes?
MB: Our concave bottom shape works best on Quad fins. Also, being a premium product, I wouldn’t want to add that extra weight and drag of the extra boxes.

FG: Any recommendation for straps/fin/mast setting?
MB: Play with it. I even ride them as Twins on the light smaller days when I want the board to flow and slide a bit more.

FG: When did you realise that you did your job?
MB: At some point after overflowing prototypes, I changed from driving home full of the ideas that I wanted to try to just want to have these boards on the back of my truck and go free sailing on them. That is when I knew that we had arrived.

Youth sizes (54 & 60): Inspired by the Goya Youth team and the 60 liter, a new 54-litre model has been added. We felt we had to make our favorite boards available to the growing groms with tighter straps, narrower stance, and a further back mast track position to better balance the lighter, smaller, and most advanced riders. Ideal rider weights up to 60kg. Team: Maria Morales.

Maria Morales Navarro E-737 Youth World Champion: Home spot: El Medano, Tenerife. The 54 used to be my go-to board, with the 60 litre being my light wind favorite. As I grew up in the last year, things shifted, and now my favorite board became the 68. I like the lightness, compact lengths and adjusted footstraps positions for riders my size.

Marino Gil E-959 Youth World Champion:
Home spot: Pozo, Gran Canaria. I travel around Morocco, Spain and the rest of Europe for freesailng and the world cup. I know that with the Custom 74 & 84, I can ride at my best in all the conditions these places can offer.

Smaller sizes & mid range (68 to 94 liters): Rockers remain in the mid-range between 30mm to 20mm of tail rocker with small to medium rail thickness, with a growing stance from the smaller to the larger sizes. Boards are used from our growing Youth World Champions to our Wave World Champions and Jaws riders. Team: Maria, Marino, Luc, Marcilio.

XL sizes (104 & 114): Ideal for float and ride mode or for ultimate speed and low end with almost 1cm less of tail release than the smaller siblings, the 104 and 114 carry the agility of the smaller sizes into the XXL range. Team: Marcilio, Tom Hartmann.

PWA World Tour Approved.

Pro Construction, Full Carbon & S-Glass Hull.

Available in 54, 60, 68, 74, 79, 84, 89, 94, 104, 114 liters.

3rd Gen. Slot Boxes.

Available in Fluo Yellow & Bright Red.

High Density Full Double Sandwich.