Goya Mark 7

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Mark 7


Performance, fun, fast easy freeride.

Balance, power and control to make the most of the available wind and seascapes. A new profile com- bined with unified twist all the way up from bottom to top gives the sail a lighter handling feel but still with excellent power and control.

Handling Characteristic: A shorter boom length throughout all the sizes creates a more high aspect out- line for better control and stability during manoeuvres. Overall improved handling and a more efficient lighter feeling sail.

Available in 5.4, 5.8, 6.2, 6.6, 7.2, 7.8, 8.5 square meters.

Base Construction, Bi-Ply window, Monofilm panels. Available in Fluo Yellow with Fluo Orange logos.

Base Construction:

Main window panels: Main window panel: 6 mil high quality Monfofilm from Dimension Polyant.

Upper window panels: 4 mil high quality Monfofilm from Dimension Polyant.

Upper body panels: 4 mil high quality Monfofilm from Dimension Polyant.

Foot/Tack panel: 4 mil Aramid Scrim has an upgraded scrim with larger denier fibers, while still keeping the high tenacity aramid X-PLY ®. It has a much greater tear and puncture resistance at the highest impact of pure wave riding.

Carbon stretch control tapes are produced using bun- dles of pretensioned carbon fiber to ensure low stretch and zero crimp. Upgraded PSA adhesive allows for aggressive tack. The use of these tapes allows for light- er and more efficient patch and sail reinforcement.

Double stitching around the main window.
Dacron Leech edge reinforcement.
Folded rear edge on mast sleeve to prevent fraying.

Base advantages:

Our standard Flatwater build way is already very durable.

Featuring reinforced tack and foot panels as well as laminated main win- dow panels for maximum UV stability and lasting durability.