Goya Mark 7 X

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Mark 7 X


Performance, fun, fast easy freeride.

Balance, power and control to make the most of the available wind and seascapes. A new profile com- bined with unified twist all the way up from bottom to top gives the sail a lighter handling feel but still with excellent power and control.

Handling Characteristic: A shorter boom length throughout all the sizes creates a more high aspect out- line for better control and stability during manoeuvres. Overall improved handling and a more efficient lighter feeling sail.

Available in 5.4, 5.8, 6.2, 6.6, 7.2, 7.8, 8.5 square meters.

X Construction, X-Ply window, X-Ply panels. Available in Fuchsia with Fluo Yellow logos.

X Construction:

Main window panel: 6 mil X-Ply Film features a Ultra-PE fiber that provides high modulus stretch resistance and high tensile tear strength. The fiber configuration allows for maximum fiber performance while also blending into the background.

Upper window panels: 5 mil Dimension-Polyant polyes- ter X-PLY ® styles are designed for reduced stretch and increased tear resistance.

Upper body panels: 5 mil Dimension-Polyant polyester X-PLY ® styles are designed for reduced stretch and increased tear resistance.

Foot/Tack panel: 4 mil Aramid Scrim has an upgraded scrim with larger denier fibers, while still keeping the high tenacity aramid X-PLY ®. It has a much greater tear and puncture resistance.

Carbon stretch control tapes are produced using bun- dles of pretensioned carbon fiber to ensure low stretch and zero crimp. Upgraded PSA adhesive allows for ag- gressive tack. The use of these tapes allows for lighter and more efficient patch and sail reinforcement.

Double stitching around the main window.
Dacron Leech edge reinforcement.
Folded rear edge on mast sleeve to prevent fraying.