KT 2023 Drifter K

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KT 2023 Drifter K


Keith Teboul: “The Drifter Kite is a dedicated kite foil board. Short length and little volume, meant for putting your small kites on and going for a lightning glide.

A parallel outline provides the maximum efficient ride for its super reduced size and volume.

KT Surfing’s signature Quad Concave Bottom with beveled rails and concaves in the bevels are optimized for the softest and quickest touchdown and release.

Cutouts have been introduced for less surface area and to make the board feel smaller than it is. A beveled tail further softens the takeoff and release.

The construction is built around an EPS core with Carbon and Glass laminate encompassing the deck and bottom. Specific reinforcements create a zero-lag symbiosis with the foil.

The Drifter Kite comes with inserts and a pad, but without straps.”

Ultra Carbon Monocoque Construction.

Available in 11 liters.

Comes with the latest generation MFC footstraps.

Futures 10.75” Fin Boxes, Comes without foil.

Available in Pastel Yellow.