Kt Drifter Foil Board

€980.00 EUR
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KT Drifter Foil Surfboard

What KT Surfing has to say…

The boards have a completely flat rocker where the foil is attached. The foil is 90 degrees to the board,  when foiling it creates neutral lift.

They have a nice entry for bouncing off the water and beveled rails to bounce off when you are in turns and hit the water. The tail bevel acts the same, allowing you to ride a longer board and yet the board will not touch down in the tail and hit as quickly.

The boards also have a concave deck with a kick tail that acts as a skateboard tail in that you have something to push off of when turning. It also put your back knee in a better position to foil.

I would suggest putting the foil centered to start and move it back if you want less lift, and forward if you want more lift. For smaller waves move the foil forward, for bigger waves move it back.