KT Ginxu Dragonfly

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The Ginxu Dragonfly

The go-to Downwind Glider of choice for any open water foiler. Prone or Sup downwind on rolling swells, lightwind wing or paddle in small waves, or even flat water pop-up. From 6’6” to 8’4” there are options for all sizes and skill levels to get into this amazing new foiling experience.

Stock Model.
Stock Model sizes: 88, 95, 100, 105, 110, 121, 135 liters.
Carbon Monocoque Construction.
Futures 16” Fin Boxes.
Step Bottom. Patented, US No. 11,027,796, EU No. 22020001-8.
Stock Model comes in Sanded Dark Silver, Translucent Red Artwork, Charcoal Pad.