KT Trickster kiteboard

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KT Trickster kiteboard

The Trickster is that fun shredding short kite board for onshore to small down the line waves. Fun for flatwater edging and crusing and adding some fun freestyle when you feel like it.

Designed with a slight concave deck and a grab rail shaped rail profile for easy grabbing in tricks and airs.

The new Carbon Exoskeleton Construction is an incredibly efficient way by which we create and control the flex in our EPS Epoxy boards. Our layups are fine tuned to allow the board to flex slower than a normal EPS board.

The Trickster features a concave Skate Deck designed to improve your grip and stance during extreme maneuvers.

Sporting five fin boxes this board is very versatile, ready to be ridden as a Thruster or Quad.

The construction on this kite board is bomber, with an additional higher ding resistance compared to our surf boards, still it’s super light and has an amazingly good surfy feel.

Carbon Exoskeleton Construction.

Available in 4’10”, 5’0”, 5’2”, 5’4”.

5 Futures White ILT finboxes.

Available in white.