NeilPryde Combat HD 2024

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NeilPryde Combat HD 2024

Combat HD is the epitome of wave sail development. Power when you need it, neutral on the wave and built to withstand everything Mother Nature can throw at you.

Trusted by NP team from Peahi to Pozo, Combat feels light in your hands yet provides power when you need it and will always perform, no matter the conditions.

Completely redesigned for 2024, the Combat is the most advanced wave sail in the range. A higher aspect design featuring a slightly longer mast, wider head and narrower boom greatly increases high end control in this year’s edition of the best selling wave sail.

HD construction is NeilPryde's most economical construction but don’t let the price tag fool you. An Ultra PE X-Ply sail body with an X-Ply centre window form an extremely durable sail which is still light in the hands. The addition of Powerfuse in the tack and clew of the 2024 HD construction marks a significant upgrade to previous HD models and offers pro - level strength to weight ratio at a more affordable price than Pro Fuse.

Product highlights

Wave versatility

Light and controllable from low to extremely high winds. Excellent for radical turns, aerial moves on the wave


Super maneuverable sail for hardcore wave riding


4-batten design provides effortless handling

HD design

The most durable and most affordable wave sail construction in NeilPryde's range


Area (m2 Luff (cm) Boom (cm) Extension (cm) Mast Battens Cams Vario top Weight (kg)
3.3 343 140 4 340 RDM
alt. 370 RDM vario top
4 No cam Yes TBA
3.7 355 143 16 340 RDM
alt. 370 RDM vario top
4 No cam Yes TBA
4.0 367 146 28 340 RDM
alt. 370 RDM vario top
4 No cam Yes TBA
4.2 374 149 4 370 RDM 4 No cam No TBA
4.5 386 153 16 370 RDM 4 No cam No TBA
4.7 398 157 28 370 RDM 4 No cam No TBA
5.0 410 161 10 400 RDM 4 No cam No TBA
5.3 422 166 22 400 RDM 4 No cam No TBA
5.6 434 170 34/4 400 RDM
alt. 430 RDM
4 No cam No TBA