NeilPryde Dragonfly HD 2024

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NeilPryde Dragonfly HD 2024

Styled and designed with the same attention to detail as the pro wave sails, Dragonfly is the ultimate youth sail. No expense has been spared in the design of this sail and it shows on the faces of the kids who try it for the first time. Super light-weight but durable design for ultimate ease of use and maneuverability, Dragonfly gives young rippers everything they need to achieve their goals!

Product highlights


Sail construction is adjusted to young riders needs, who are not strong enough to cope with rigs for adults


3-batten construction provides ease of handling the sail in jibes and turns

Versatile design

Suitable for flat water blasting to small to medium wave sailing

HD design

Super durable sail construction, with numerous reinforcements, similar to that of HD wave sails


  • Internally printed - Sail body uses internally printed, laminated panels. Lightweight and durable.
  • Ultra-PE X-Ply window - Light weight and extra strong.
  • Taffeta luff panel - Combines excellent stitch holding properties, for added strength in this extremely high-load area of the sail, with the responsive performance that using a single panel with no cross-stitching provides.
Area (m²) Luff (cm) Boom (cm) Extension (cm) Mast Battens Cams Vario top Weight (kg)
2.2 282 122 2 280 RDM
alt. 300 RDM (MY22)
3 No cam Yes 2,1
2.7 308 134 28 280 RDM
alt. 300 RDM (MY22)
3 No cam Yes 2,3
3.1 327 140 0 340 RDM
alt. 300 RDM (MY22)
3 No cam Yes 2,5
3.5 345 148 6 340 RDM 3 No cam Yes 2,6
3.9 362 155 22 340 RDM
alt. 370 RDM
3 No cam Yes 2,7
4.3 368 160 0/28 340 RDM
alt. 370 RDM
3 No cam No 2,8