NeilPryde RS Flight EVO V 2024

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NeilPryde RS Flight EVO V 2024

Building on the success of 2023 Flight EVO IV, NeilPryde's most technologically advanced foil sail has been redesigned once more to cater for the insatiable demands of PWA team's top foil racers. The entire sail is modeled in 3D in its actual flying shape with twist and luff curve accounted for. Quadruple luff panels blend with full carbon battens above the boom for ultimate performance. Higher aspect ratio with increased release in mid leech improve acceleration and cross - wind performance.

Product highlights

Uncompromised performance

RS:Flight is fully focused on racecourse speed, delivering huge power and excellent stability

Foil specific

Designed purely for foil raging, RS:Flight takes advantages of design features which are not possible to use on fin sails due to the need for control and wind release

Rock solid profile

Thanks to 7-batten (6 battens in 4.3 and 4.9), 4-cam design RS:Flight is super stable, providing perfect handling in overpowered conditions

Aerodynamic perfection

Use of advanced CFD methodes allowed designers to optimize airflow in unmatched way


  • Airflow tubular carbon battens - Tubular carbon battens are laid out in an aerodynamically correct way, taking into account the rake of the sail when sailing. This improves airflow, allows for easier rotation and faster acceleration.
  • Internally printed - Sail body uses internally printed, laminated panels. Lightweight and durable.
  • Ultra clear window - Light weight and extra clear.
  • Lite skin Aramid - Extremely strong, abrasion resistant and light weight. New for 2024. 2 clew positions for extra tuning options.
  • Quadruple luff construction - 4 levels of material make up the luff sleeve to increase strength and load carrying performance in this critical, high-stress area of the sail. New for 2024, Taffeta in the upper luff sleeve increases stretch resistance, performance and durability.
  • High Aspect Design - The outline of the RS:Flight is much higher aspect than the RS:Racing outline. This allows the sail to take maximum advantage of every gust and promotes maximum speed and upwind/downwind performance.
  • Tight Leech Design - Since control over chop is not an issue when up on the foil, RS:Flight is designed with a tighter leech than a pure slalom sail. This increases acceleration and efficiency and allows you to use a smaller sail.
  • New Materials in Luff and Clew - The new materials have allowed designers to improve durability and increase stretch resistance to create an even more responsive and competitive race sail.
  • Leading Edge Rib - Carbon ribs sewn onto the upper sleeve’s leading edge stabilize this critical section of the profile on the highest battens where cambers are not used. This helps maintain the sail’s profile clean, reducing drag, allowing higher top speed and ensuring proper rotation.
Area (m2 Luff (cm) Boom (cm) Extension (cm) Mast Battens Cams Vario top Weight (kg)
4.3 398 158 28 TPX100 370 RDM 6 4 No TBA
4.9 420 166 20 TPX100 400 RDM 6 4 No TBA
5.7 446 174-176 16 TPX100 430 RDM 7 4 No TBA
6.7 488 186-188 28 TPX100 460 SDM 7 4 No TBA
7.7 526 198-200 6/36 TPX100 520 SDM
alt. TPX100 490 SDM
7 4 No TBA
8.7 556 205-207 6/36 TPX100 550 SDM
alt. TPX100 520SDM
7 4 No TBA