NeilPryde Free Flight 2024

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NeilPryde Free Flight 2024

NeilPryde's dedicated foil freeride sail. Ultra-light weight, early flying. Optimum efficiency to get the most out of every foil session, allowing you to use the smallest sail possible. 4 battens and 1 mini cam (2 on the 6.6) make for the lightest possible feeling while maintaining stability. A short boom and tight leech get you flying as early as possible and feeling weightless over the foil.

Product highlights

Extremely early flight

Free Flight is designed to get you up on the foil as quickly as possible, allowing you to use a tiny sail relative to the wind speed

Foil specific design

Higher aspect ratio, increased foot area and less twist for the best foiling speed and control

Mini cams

Optimized airflow without negative impact on ease of use


Free Flight is really easy to control in maneuvers and allows for effortless jibing


  • Internally printed - Sail body uses internally printed, laminated panels. Lightweight and durable.
  • Ultra clear window - Light weight and extra clear.
  • Continuous X-Ply luff panel - A continuous X-Ply panel combines excellent stitch holding properties, for added strength in this extremely high-load area of the sail, with the responsive performance that using a single panel with no cross-stitching provides.
Area (m2 Luff (cm) Boom (cm) Extension (cm) Mast Battens Cams Vario top Weight (kg)
4.8 416 161 16 400 RDM 4 1 No TBA
5.7 446 177 16 430 RDM / SDM 4 1 No TBA
6.6 479 190 20 460 SDM / RDM 4 2 No TBA