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By Quatro


Nano Pro
Kids Thruster / Quad

Keith on the Nano: “Last year I started working with Finn and Jeffery Spencer here on Maui. They are younger Sup riders who have very different needs.

It has been a pleasure bringing a lot of my surfing knowledge into the smaller kids Sups as they have similar lengths and smaller volume ranges.

These boards have a progressive outline, a relatively aggressive rocker as kids need all the help to turn as they are small. I’ve integrated the ISDTM on an expanded area of the board to create an even more stable platform to stand on. Plus the Nano comes with a full pad, for comfort. These boards are fast, stable and easy to use. Your kids will be ripping it up before you know it.”

The Nano comes with a penta setup, five FCS 2 fin boxes, allowing you to ride it as a thruster or quad.

Available in 50, 60, 70, 80 liters.

Available in neon yellow on white.



PRO construction. Surfboard build, allowing the board to be very light and agile, while giving the board the perfect blend of flex and strength, and just the right amount of rigidity and long term durability. We consciously do not use carbon because it would make this board too stiff. Revolutionary FLEX•X™ stringer technology. The FLEX•X™ Dynamic Stringer Concept has been developed by Keith Teboul. While both shaping and riding experimental surfboards he realized that the flex plays an overwhelming part in whether you have a magic board or not. He set out to find a way to precisely control this flex and apply it where and how he wanted it to be. With FLEX•X™ Keith achieved just that.

Controlling the flex in boards is the future and thankfully with FLEX•X™ that future is now, transmitting the energy of the rider into the board and out towards the rails allows for both quicker and snappier turns with more direct projection. Keith developed a layup for the stringers that allows the back half of the board to flex more and quicker, allowing for a more sensitive and snappy feeling board. Last but not least FLEX•X™ makes the board stronger and less prone to breakage since it works as a double stringer.