Reedin Feather Wing Board

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By Reedin


Reedin Feather Wing Board 


Feather boards are compact for minimum swing weight. This delivers maximum maneuverability, for the most fun on and above the water.

Feather boards have been designed with a straightforward objective: to be as easy and fun as possible. This was achieved by keeping only the bare minimum necessary on the board. They’re as short as possible while keeping as much volume as possible, you then get the floatation for low-speed starts while having minimal swing weight when riding for easy turns.

To ensure extremely high quality and durability, all our foiboards are now made in Portugal, with a closed-cell lightweight XPS core. This means the core does not take on water if you ding it, and does not blow out when it gets hot.

The carbon construction makes the board very stiff, allowing for precise and direct control, and extremely efficient pumping.


17L  3’8” x 17”5/16 x 2”

35L  4’1” x 20”1/2 x 3”5/8

52L  4’4” x 23” x 3”1/2

72L  4’9” x 24”1/2 x 4”7/16

88L  5’0” x 26”3/4 x 4”1/2

112L  5’6” x 29”1/2 x 4”7/16