Reedin Supernatural

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By Reedin


Reedin SuperNatural

Reedin SuperNatural 2024
Wingsurf wing

The SuperNatural from reedin is one of the most versatile wings at the moment. It allows you to start your wingfoiling adventure and progress to riding waves, making big jumps, performing tricks and making speed runs with your friends.

It has incredible power in low winds which ensures early starts, high speed and superior upwind angles, with a very direct feel thanks to the stiff frame. The SUPERNATURAL has been completely redesigned with an extreme focus on weight and stiffness. The leading edge and strut are now made of a High Tenacity Polyester, making the whole wing stiffer and resulting in a drastic weight reduction. Combined with the brand new all-carbon handles, these are said to be one of the lightest stiff handle wings on the market today.

Features of the Reedin SuperNatural 2024:

  • Extremely light
  • New carbon handles
  • New profile
  • Very direct
  • Natural forward drive
  • Natural positive lift