School Wing Foil 1 Hour Lesson (Jet ski assisted)

€100.00 EUR

Wing Foil Lessons (Price is per Hour)

What do you have in the course?

  • First part of the lessons are Jet Ski Assisted you will learn to control the Hydrofoil by being tractioned with the jet, this allows you to feel and understand the foil and your positioning and overal balance on the board. Once that is achieved it's time to introduce the Wing so you can progress in safety, using a short mast with a bigger wing so it's a easy and safe progression.
  • Our equipment is the latest available, working with Reedin Wings, KT, Reedin Brunotti Boards and Accessories, you will have the best gear available in the market.
  • Upon ordering your course you will have the opportunity to mention the desired start date on a notes box where you can also specify any other thing you might feel necessary.