Solarez All Purpose Repair 3.5oz Tube

€25.00 EUR
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By Solarez

Do structural repairs on your surfboard, or any type of surface almost with the Solarez Repair Filler

This mix of though fiber-reinforced polyester resin is combined with a solar activated hardener - Solarez. The mass will stay liquid until you expose it to direct sunlight. After that, it takes approximately 3 minutes for the material to harden up and leave you with a high-strength repair job.

Tech Features:

  • The Solarez Repair Resin All Purpose Filler can be used on almost all material types, like wood, metal, plastic (except styrofoam), and fiberglass as well
  • Cures in 3 minutes of direct sunlight - So apply in a shaded area and reveal it to the sun for hardening
  • This Eco-friendly material is bubble-free and produced in the United States

Notice: Do not use on EPS/Styrofoam material and keep away from heat-sources at all times