Tahe BEACH 225 D

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By Tahe

Tahe BEACH 225 D

The Beach 225 D is our highest volume windsurf model, making it ideal for medium to heavier riders looking for a very stable board to learn on. It is fitted with a retractable daggerboard and with carry handles at the front, side and rear, which help to carry the board in and out of the water and are very useful for handling it in the water during learning sessions.

Featuring our ultra-durable Tough-Tec construction and an EVA-foam pad covered deck, it’s particularly apt for both sailing schools and windsurf-enthusiast families looking for one board that the entire family can try windsurfing on.

Ideal for

Medium to heavier beginners
Learning to windsurf with ease for any size rider
Schools and rental operations
One board for the entire family to learn with


An ultra-durable, super-stable board for learning to windsurf with ease.

Product Specifications

  • Complete dimensions297 cm x 92 cm x 225 L
  • Weight41 lbs / 18.5 kg
  • RETRACTABLE DAGGERBOARD For upwind ability in light wind

  • VERSATILE SHAPE For learning and progressing