Tahe TECHNO 133

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By Tahe

Tahe TECHNO 133

On a Techno 133 you can go fast, very fast easily. In all kinds of conditions and always with great sensations. At the same time, you can enjoy funboard riding in medium to strong winds. So versatile that it could easily become the only freeride board in your quiver.

The ideal boards for attacking and getting into funboarding, the Techno 133 gives you great sailing speeds in light to moderate winds. Fast to learn, easy to jibe, the perfect combination of ingredients to give you unlimited freeride fun, with some great surf sensations to enjoy from day 1.

The Techno range in many way wrote the modern history of funboarding, with easy-riding, highly versatile boards that are valued for their performance, their strength, their light weight and the quality of outfitting. Built in TAHE’s exclusive Ace-Tec construction technology, Techno boards are the benchmark in their category.

Ideal for

Fast funboard planing
Planing in footstraps in all wind conditions
Speed! Measured at 33.7 knots top speed!


A modern classic funboard for all wind conditions


  • Code106837
  • ModelTechno
  • Length8'2" / 250 cm
  • Width27.60" / 70 cm
  • Volume133 L
  • Weight20 lbs / 9.0 kg
  • Finbox configuration set upDeep Tuttle single fin
  • Supplied fin(s)Select ride 43
  • DaggerboardNo
  • Foil reinforcementNo
  • MasttrackUS Box 17 cm
  • Ideal sail size5.0 < 8.5 m2
  • Footstraps4 positions : Inner and outer 3x position inserts. 1x central rear strap.
  • Pads4 pads, 5 mm thickness, diamond groove
  • Product typeRigid - Composite
  • TechnologyAce-Tec
  • Country of manufactureFrance