Unifiber Enduro EVO SDM C60

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About our Masts

Quality. Consistent. Controlled 

Unifiber masts use the latest Pre-Impregnated (Pre-Preg) Carbon Moulding Techniques across-the-board and, unlike many others, even lower (C40) carbon content models benefit from pre-preg consistency. For the perfect balance of weight-to-strength ratio, weight reduction and response, there’s simply no better method. The question you should ask is if you should accept less than this level of excellence at every price level?

We still lead the way by offering both SDM and RDM models in all sizes with a choice of 3 bend curves to suit any sail possible. (Hard Top, Constant Curve and Flex Top).

With precise layers of choice carbon content, our Pre Preg masts can boast accurate ratios of carbon:resin for reliable quality that wet lay-up processes just can’t achieve.

Thanks to a unique controlled curing and heating technique, we guarantee exact stiffness, precise bend curves and dependable performance on the water.

The Modern SDM
Standard Diameter Masts still have a place in several sectors, and our slimmed-down SDM models let you benefit from added feel, performance, and compatibility with many camber induced and rotational sails.

RDM Revolution
Reduced Diameter Masts (RDM) have been a hit in the waves, freestyle and modern Freeride sails with their weight, strength and reflex benefits. But by choosing our RDM products you’ll gain extra peace-of-mind thanks to added wall thickness for just an extra few grams.

All masts are covered by our full 1-yr warranty program.

Benefits of Unifiber Masts:
Super Value for Money
Long Life Durability
Consistent Quality through Pre-Preg manufacturing methods
Superior Heat Reflection Properties