Unifiber HD RDM C75 Constant Curve Mast

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Unifiber HD RDM C75 Constant Curve Windsurf Mast 


Unifiber HD C75 RDM mast range delivers a superb blend of durability and responsiveness that is optimal for many sailors.

With their impressive performance, these masts are a great match for wavesailors, amateur racers and high-wind freeriders looking to step up their game.

HD C75 RDM mast range is introduced in three new specialized curves:

  • Constant Curve — A 'classic' constant curve. Balanced and versatile, with the curve profile that has been preferred by many sailmakers for decades.
  • Constant FL Curve — A modern-day flex top with a little more flexing in the centre.
  • Constant FH Curve — Flexes in the top as much as the Green Curve but is a little stiffer in the centre, resulting in a very fluent curve.

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